Read Rules Everyday And Before You Post

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  1. All the conversation should be made in English as it is an International Forum.
  2. All postings have to be made in English, non English messages will be deleted without any comment or notification.
  3. Choose the right section for your posting.
  4. Choose a good subject for your thread.
  5. Do not use By xxxx In Post Title .
  6. Same thread will be merge, Its will set automatically. So before create use search buttons.
  7. First before posting read the Stick/Important Threads.
  8. Copy past user IP will be ban from our site, So don't copy our solutions to other forum or blog.
  9. Use Thanks Button. it will increase user repo, he will like it more then thanks post.
  10. Do not use sexual avatars or images in Profile pictures, Avatar & Signature.
  11. Do not Advertise under your Profile field.
  12. Requesting for unlock codes in general sections is not allowed, For it has 'Unlocking Codes & log files Requests ' sections.
  13. Do not post cracked or copy right software's here, don't kill the GSM Markets.
  14. Its not allowed to post personal details (Phone number , Email, ETC) on open forum.
  15. Only one Account for a member. multi account will be ban especially old account.

Not open for further replies.