Moto E4 XT1766 XT1767 Dead Boot Repair

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Moto E4 XT1766 XT1767 Dead Boot Repair_Skynet Team​

Moto E4 XT1766​
1.Arrange 16gb Sd Card
2.Download Win32 Disk Image Writer
3.Instal Win32 Disk Image Writer
4.Download Xt166 Unbrick.Img
5.Open Win32 Disk Image Writer
6.Sleck File Xt166 Unbrick.Img
7.Put Sd Card In Card Reader And Conncect It To Pc
8.Now Select Sd Card In32 Disk Image Writer
9.Click On Write
10.Wait Untill Process Wil Complete
11.Get Sd Card From Card Reader And Put It To Mobile
12.Press Vol Down And Connect Usb Cable
13.See Fastboot Mode Will Appear
14.Open Rsd Lite 6.2.4
15.Download This Flash File
16.And Flash This File Via Rsd Lite
Congratulations Your Mobile Live Again

Moto E4 XT1767
1.Download This File
2.Extract It
3.Goto Mbm>Blankflash>Blankflash
4.Extract Blank Flash Folder
5.Instal Qualcom Driver
6.Conect Your Mobile With Usb Cable
7.Run Blank-Flash (This Is Batch File Just Double Click On This File)
8.Wait Untill Process Wil Complete
9.See Fastboot Mode Will Appear
10.Now Flash It With Rsd Lite
Congrats Your Mobile Live Again

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