Lava Z50 Stock Firmware Rom

Lava Z50 Stock Firmware Rom

OS Version: 8.1
Model: Z50
Brand:  Lava
Country: All
Chip Details: Mt6737M

Categories : Exclusive

LAVA_Z50_1_8_V2.0_S129_20180301_ENG_IN_135218 File

Customer Care File ( LAVA_Z50_1_8_V2.0_S129_20180301_ENG_IN_135218 File )

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LAVA_Z50_1_8_V2.0_S159_20181016_ENG_IN_181228_269 File

Customer Care File ( LAVA_Z50_1_8_V2.0_S159_20181016_ENG_IN_181228_269 File )

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LAVA_Z50_1_8_V2.0_S165_20181224_ENG_IN_032536_293 File

Customer Care File ( LAVA_Z50_1_8_V2.0_S165_20181224_ENG_IN_032536_293 File )

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LAVA_Z50_1_8_V2.0_S168_20190402_ENG_IN_043931_319 File

Customer Care File ( LAVA_Z50_1_8_V2.0_S168_20190402_ENG_IN_043931_319 File )

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